These Very Intense Questions Will Reveal One Good And One Bad Truth About You

Would you know how to describe yourself? You probably don’t have a firm grasp on your characteristics because they may not directly affect you, but rather the people around you. The things you know about yourself are mostly based on what people tell you. You use their comments to create your perception of your personality.

Our behavior, beliefs, needs, and desires all influence our actual personality, although that can be different from how we view ourselves. Someone who is perceived by his friends as being confident based on his outward behavior can actually be deeply insecure at the same time. In the same way, a person can be seen as charitable just because she seems to willingly donate a prized possession. However, that does not mean she doesn’t face an internal struggle about giving something away.

We’ve got 15 questions that could reveal a lot about you. Answer them honestly and we’ll find out the good and the bad about you.