🍽 Take This “Would You Rather” Food Quiz And We’ll Guess Where You’re From

Imagine being at a restaurant that offers every kind of food imaginable, and you get to choose between two dishes each time you order. Both dishes get your mouth watering instantly, but you can only pick one. It’s all down to which one you’d enjoy just a bit more than the other.

Some people are very open-minded when it comes to trying new food or ingredients that may seem unconventional, making this an easy process. The more picky eaters may simply turn down a dish even before getting a taste, just because it sounds “icky”. Which group do you fall under?

In this “would you rather” quiz, you would have to make some really difficult food decisions. You may like both foods in each question, or you may detest both of them. Either way, you would have to pick one! The foods you end up choosing can tell us a lot about your background, and we’ll be able to guess where you’re from accurately.