If You Do At Least 8/15 Of These Things, You’re A Low Maintenance Girl

Women who are low maintenance sometimes get a bad rep about it. Others assume that such girls are sloppy and lazy about making an effort. But that’s not always true. Being low maintenance is usually a choice. A low maintenance person may still choose to do certain “high maintenance” things if they prove necessary. Such women are the best kind of people to hang out with and here’s why.

A person who is low maintenance gets ready in an instant when going somewhere. This means they will never make you wait when you’re going out together. They also know how to plan their time to be punctual. It is extremely easy to please such a person too, so getting them birthday gifts wouldn’t be much of a hassle. They’d appreciate anything as they aren’t materialistic or picky.

If you want to find out whether you’re a low maintenance girl, take this quiz and find out for sure. If you are doing the majority of the things mentioned, then you’re definitely one and should be proud of it.