Can You Beat Your Friends In This English Word Quiz?

Having a good command of English in current times, where a lot of abbreviations and lingo are used, is enviable and commendable. Not many people can ensure that their grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation remain unaffected by modern slang. If you think you have a pretty good knowledge of these parts of the language, put that to the test in this quiz!

This word quiz will test all of the aforementioned areas of English and more. You should be able to identify synonyms, antonyms as well as correct spelling. Even if you do know that a synonym of “tiny” is “minuscule”, would you be able to spell the word correctly? If you’re well-versed with the meaning of difficult words, you just may be able to do well in this quiz.

Are you the smart one in your friend group? It’s time to know the truth once and for all. Take this quiz and share your results with your friends whom you want to face-off with!