This “Yes Or No” Quiz Will Officially Determine How Privileged You Are

Privilege is a special right or advantage granted or made available only to a particular person or select group. In modern society, there are privileges enjoyed only by the rich, the famous, or the educated. These people get certain benefits that others outside the group do not have access to. Hunger, fear, disability, pain, poverty, and discrimination are some of the things that the privileged may never get to experience.

There are also some things that should be known as needs rather than privileges, and are being hotly debated. Education, for one, is clearly important to every individual but not necessarily offered to every child in the world. So, if you’ve had a good education, you can be considered kind of lucky.

If you want to know just how privileged you are, this is the quiz to take! All you have to do is answer yes or no to the following questions. Be honest on whether you’ve experienced these things and you’ll get an accurate result.