Is That a Compliment 😄 Or an Insult 🤬?

Good to know these words!

Compliment Or Insult
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Compliments are a great way to connect because they make both the giver and the recipient of the compliment feel good. In an ideal world we would all be respectful and complimentary of one another. Everyone has the best of intentions and you'd never have to insult anyone, and could glide through life treating your fellow man with the utmost courtesy. Unfortunately, we live in a world teeming with all kinds of people and that includes the ones who may sometimes dish out a verbal barb our way.

When others say certain things about us, whether it's a criticism or praise, it's good to actually understand what they mean, especially if they are using a word that we may not understand.

That's where this quiz comes in. The more schooled you are in the English vocabulary, the less likely you find yourself in a situation where you misunderstand what someone is saying about you. Here are some advanced words that people may use to compliment you or diss you. Make sure you know what they actually mean!

Compliment Or Insult Quiz Questions