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๐Ÿฐ If You’ve Eaten 20/25 of These Treats, You’re Officially a Dessert Connoisseur

Do you love desserts or do you LOVE desserts?
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How do we like to end our meals? With a little sweet kick, of course. In every cuisine and culture around the world, there are noteworthy iconic desserts that are worth tasting. We all know classic American sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, classic banana split, and apple pies, but there are many more drool-worthy treats out there to try.

While it's amazing no matter where you have it, desserts differ from country to country. Some are creamy and fruity, and some are rich and chocolaty. From Japan's soft mochi to Spain's crispy, crunchy churros, there's a dessert to satisfy one's sweet tooth for every mood. We could talk for hours about what are the most famous sweets in the world, depending on everyone's preferences. The question is, how many of these treats have you tried? Have you been adventurous enough to qualify as a dessert connoisseur? Take this delightful quiz to find out.

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