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🎬 Direct Your Own Movie and We’ll Tell You How Much It Makes at the Box Office



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Role-playing Quizzes
  1. Harry Potter House Quiz
  2. 🕺🏽 Time-Travel Back to the 1980s and We Will Reveal Which 📺 Classic Sitcom Matches Your Energy
  3. I Bet You Can’t Spend a Day as a 🐕 Dog Walker Without Getting Fired
  4. 💀 How Long Would You Survive in “The Walking Dead”?
  5. Would You Make a Good World Leader? Take This Quiz to Find Out
  6. Would You Survive the Hunger Games?
  7. ⚔️ Everyone Has a Role to Play in “Game of Thrones” — What’s Yours?
  8. How Would You Die in “Game of Thrones”?
  9. Spend a Day in Hawkins and We’ll Reveal Your Fate in “Stranger Things”
  10. Embark on an 🦖 Epic Prehistoric Quiz Adventure 🛖 and Uncover Your Primitive Alter Ego
  11. Pretend to Be a Superhero and We’ll Tell You If You Can Save the World
  12. Spend a Day as 🎸 a Rock Star to Determine If You’d Shine Bright or Burn Out
  13. Would You Make a Good Mandalorian? Answer These Questions to Find Out
  14. 🔥 Pretend to Cook for Gordon Ramsay and He’ll Tell You If Your Cooking Sucks! 🔥
  15. 🎞️ Direct Your Own Movie and We’ll See Which 🏆 Awards You May Win
  16. Live a Day in the ’80s to Find Out Where You’ll Be in 10 Years
  17. 😱 Would You Survive a Horror Movie?
  18. Pretend You’re in 🏫 High School Again and We’ll Reveal the Career You’d Be Really Good at
  19. Can You Survive a Day Working as a 🕵️‍♂️ Private Investigator?
  20. Can You Live a Day in the Life of Marilyn Monroe?
  21. Cat Personality Test
  22. 🍟 Can You Survive a Day Working at McDonald’s?
  23. 🏰 Can You Survive a Day Working at Disneyland?
  24. 😼 Live as a Cat for a Day to Find Out What % Evil You Are
  25. Pretend to Work as a ✈️ Flight Attendant and We’ll See How You Manage
  26. 🎓 Spend a Day in College and We’ll Give You a Netflix Show to Binge Watch Next
  27. 😷 Can You Actually Survive the Plague?
  28. 🥗 Can You Survive One Day as a Vegan?
  29. This “Game of Thrones” Quiz Will Reveal If You Can Actually Win the Iron Throne
  30. 👩🏻‍🏫 Can You Survive a Day as a High School Teacher?


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