✍🏻 Your Handwriting Style Will Reveal A Deep Truth About You

Do you remember going through classes on handwriting in your younger days? Writing well might have seemed like a daunting task then, but after years of cultivating your writing abilities, it literally comes naturally to you.

There are different writing styles we follow to suit various needs. When writing to important people, especially when you need to ask for a favor, you’d adopt a careful handwriting style. This is when you write as neatly as possible to present the contents in a formal manner. Your regular handwriting is for when you don’t have a deliberate need to get a message across. When you have to rush a message, like taking down notes in class as the teacher speaks, you adopt the “chicken scratch” message. That’s when you scribble something down so quickly that it’s barely legible, and you, and only you, can decipher the writing!

In this quiz, let us analyze your handwriting style. Your writing quirks will reveal something about you that is incredibly true.