Only A Trivia Genius Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz

Do you know that in many ways, older people are not only wiser than the younger crowd, they may surprisingly have better memory too?

As we know, everyone’s general knowledge increases with age. People who are middle-aged and older tend to know more than young adults, by virtue of having been around longer, and score higher on vocabulary tests, crossword puzzles and other measures of so-called crystallized intelligence.

Research has been conducted to see the correlation between age, fluid and crystallized intelligence. Understandably, the older generation was found to have lower levels of fluid intelligence, which is their ability to process new information. This is due to their brains slowing down due to age. However, the elderly displayed better crystallized intelligence when compared to the youths. This means that whatever information and experience they’ve gathered through the earlier part of their lives is easier for them to recall. So, older people definitely know more than younger folks!

See how well you can recall the things you have learned in this general knowledge quiz. But beware, only trivia geniuses can get through this one with ease!