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🧀 Rate These Unpopular Foods and We’ll Reveal Your Most Polarizing Quality

You either love them or you hate them.
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We tend to not think of something as mundane as food as being controversial, but foods that yield widely varying opinions are actually very common. Certain types of food frequently cause heated debates between their lovers and haters. Some of these divisive ingredients might even be found on the menu at your favorite restaurant. Whether you find them delicious or disgusting, you probably have a strong opinion about these foods. Everyone else hates it. You should hate it too, but you can't help but indulge in that dark as night squid ink pasta.

Depending on what you feel about popular (or unpopular) foods like mayo, olives, and blue cheese, we can tell you something about you that would cause a debate! Take this quiz, rate some foods, and depending on whether you love them or loathe them, we'll reveal what your most polarizing quality is!

Do you dare to find out?

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